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About this Website

About the Admin and the Services

I am HayWo and I maintain the services hosted under the domain nct08.de, I do this as a hobby project to learn more about servers and the www in general. When I find a solution that I can host by myself I try to make it available here. As I’m not a proffesional I can not guarantee the reliability of any of these services, so feel free to use them if you can accept it if they disapper at some point.

Contact information


Use this for complaints about the offered contents or other law related stuff

  • E-Mail: webmaster[at]nct08.de


Use this if you want to get in contact with me, for example if you want to use a closed service.

  • E-Mail: haywo[at]nct08.de
  • Matrix: @haywo:nct08.de
  • IRC: HayWo or haywo on Freenode, Hackint, IrcNet, SDF

Privacy Disclaimer

I run most of my services because I do not want big companies to own my data, so all services offered here are set up under this principle:

  • as many data as necessary, but as little as possible As all my services are based on open-source projects it’s well documented what kind of data they accquire to work properly. I try to reduce any kind of logging to an absolute minimum, but if a service is quite new there probably will be temporarily more logging enabled due to stability and reliability checks. Feel free to contact me if you find a new way to reduce the collected data even more.